"Headache Free Wine" as named by our customers

Ten Thousand years of history locked in a bottle 

The history of wine is interviewed with human civilization with archaeological evidence suggests that the earliest known wine production occurred in Georgia 8,000 BC.

When it comes to winemaking, Georgia is blessed. Extremes of weather are unusual: summers tend to be short-sleeve sunny, and winters mild and frost-free. Natural springs abound, and the Caucasian Mountain streams drain mineral-rich water into the valleys. Georgia's moderate climate and moist air, influenced by the Black Sea, provide the best natural conditions for vine cultivating.

Enjoy Drinking Wine without a headache

Many people don't drink wine because they get headaches or experience allergic reactions. Our wines could be an alternative. 
Why? Because we use proven centuries-old traditional methods.
All our wines are crafted from hand-picked grapes and we do not use any chemicals in the winemaking process.

Why? Because we minimize the use of the sulfites when bottling our wines to preserve them. The levels of active sulfites in our wines are 12-15 times less that is the maximum allowed by the FDA.

Gorelli Wines are natural wines 
and we suggest to store them at 55-62 F.

Grapes from Kakheti

Traditional Georgian grape varieties are little known in the West. There are nearly over 500 to choose from but only 38 varieties are officially grown for commercial viticulture in Georgia.

Among the best-known regions of Georgia where wine is produced are Kakheti, where the grapes that we use to make all Gorelli wine are cultivated and carefully picked up by hand.

Natural Wines
Natural wine has a life of its own.

What is Natural Wine? 
Natural wine is made with minimal chemical and technological intervention in growing grapes and making them into wine.

The term is used to distinguish such wine from organic wine.

What is the difference between natural wine and organic wine? 
Organic wine is organic in the sense of having been produced from organically grown grapes, but may be subject to chemical and physical manipulation in the winemaking process. In an ideal natural wine, nothing is added and nothing is taken away from the grapes, must or wine

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