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12/2012 Georgian Gems by Trevor Burton from Lake Norman Currents (page 52)

12/2012 Georgian Jewels by Trevor Burton from Today's Charlotte Woman (pages 26 - 27 in the magazine)

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 08/02/2012 Georgian Wines and Spirits Score Big in Los Angeles Sommelier Gregory Alonzo

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06/22/2012 Gorelli: We Did It Again (at Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition) from Hvino News

06/20/2012 All Gorelli Exclusive Wines won medals at the 2012 World Wine Championship from Web Newswire

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Gorelli Wines Ratings from BTI Tasting.com

GORELLI® is the brand name of an exclusive line of superior quality all natural products.

B.S.®Award Winning Brandy

A Dream

The history of our brand began with a dream to share one of the best hidden secrets to wine connoisseurs around the world, the Gorelli natural wine, a wine that is made following 10,000 years of winemaking traditions and has its roots in the heart of Georgia and on the shores of the Black Sea.

GORELLI® line was born in 2006 when Gorelli Ltd was formed as a result of the merger of two winemaking companies “Iberia-2000” and “The Georgian Wine House”, both companies were producing high quality natural wines since the end of the previous century and had a rich history in the international expositions.

In 2010, Lake Norman Industries LLC  and Gorelli Ltd became partners with the goal of achieving a global market expansion for natural wines, XO brandy and gourmet products.