If for some reasons you cannot drink red wine, you always have an option - get a GrapeBoost™.

This tasty supplement, all natural, made from Saperavi grapes, is the best non-alcoholic substitute for a glass of a natural red wine. It is very high in resveratrol and full of natural antioxidants.

One ounce of product is recommended on daily basis.

Saperavi Grapes and Resveratrol:

Dark red grapes are nature’s best source of resveratrol.

All grapes are beneficial for your health, but what makes darker skinned grapes significantly more valuable is their content of resveratrol.

Saperavi – a "paint, dye" grape due to its intensive dark-red color

Saperavi grape is one of the oldest varieties from the region and is known for its intensive dark red – almost black color.

The Natural Booster:

This concentrated grape extract provides a source of natural antioxidants with anti –inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

The product is recommended to help with:

·         Effects of aging reduction (including gray hair reduction)

·         Cancer prevention

·         Cholesterol reduction

·         Chronic anemia

·         Heart attack therapy

·         Allergy therapy