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Restaurants and wine bars

On June 1st of 2014 our wines are currently available at almost 50 hand picked restaurants and wine bars in both Carolinas where we know our natural wines are kept in perfect climate conditions so you can enjoy them.

We do not recommend to serve our natural wines by the glass, unless the facility has the ways to avoid the air exposure for open bottles of wine.

Our goal is to keep a limited number of restaurants and wine bars that serve our wines in order to keep the highest standards of the service.

In the majority of the restaurants our wines are listed under Alazani Valley, Kakheti region. In some few restaurants our wines aren't on the menu, and you have to ask for them separately. Please, just ask if they do have Gorelli natural wines.

We have 3 wines for you to enjoy at the restaurants and wine bars (they couldn't be bought at the regular wine stores):
- our bestseller - Gorelli Queen of Iberia Reserve 2005;
- very unique wine - Gorelli Old Friends Reserve 2007;
- and our THE best wine - Gorelli Grand  Reserve 2005.