The Art of Preserves

Did You Know? 

Rare To Find. 

This kind of white figs are very delicate and they are very rare to find because they only grow in Imereti, Georgia.

Try White Figs with Manchego !

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White Figs are the one of the most exquisite items of the GORELLI™ Gourmet Preserves selection of rare fruits.

Every day during the harvest season, our experts go to the field and carefully select the best and most delicate figs. The figs are immediately delivered to our factory where the art of making the preserve begins. We make our preserves by hand and in small batches, using only the finest ingredients and rarest white figs, without any preservatives. 

Ingredients: Whole white fig, sugar, lemon juice and natural flavors.

Fruit content: 71.8% (Industry standards: 35-45%).